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Drug charges should not be taken lightly.  If convicted of a drug crime, you could be facing a large fine or worse, jail time.  Protect your future - enlist the help of our drug distribution lawyer at the Law Offices of Frank E. Turney, P.A., in Baltimore.

Drug Crime Lawyer Baltimore

Contact our Baltimore drug crime attorney online or call us at the Law Offices of Frank E. Turney, P.A. at 410-788-8830 for a free consultation.  

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Drug Distribution Law Firm

We represent clients in Baltimore and throughout Maryland.

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Baltimore attorney Frank Turney has extensive knowledge of drug crime law. Our firm represents clients charged with drug possession of marijuana, cocaine or meth and other misdemeanor drug charges.


First Offense

Our drug crime law attorney attempts to secure placement in a first time offender diversion program, rather than a court hearing. The program enables first time offenders to avoid sentencing and a criminal record. Candidates for the program are not required to plead guilty and have their cases dismissed, upon successful completion of the program. For clients unable to participate in this program, we work to negotiate lesser charges of sentences with the prosecutor or provide an aggressive defense in court.  


Underage Drug Use

The lack of judgement of youth can have lasting consequences on your life. Criminal drug charges can lead to a record that will interfere with future dreams and goals. A young person charged with underage drug and alcohol possession is often a prime candidate for a first time diversionary program. Our marijuana possession attorney will work to have our young clients placed in this program so they can move on with their lives without a criminal record.  


Our drug crime lawyer has extensive knowledge of drug possession and drug distribution law. Mr. Turney provides aggressive representation and straightforward guidance for our clients in the Baltimore area. We offer free initial consultations for individuals facing drug charges throughout Maryland.

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