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If you are facing drunk driving in Maryland, you should contact an experienced drunk driving defense attorney immediately.  Time is critical  Contact the Law Offices of Frank E. Turney, P.A. in Baltimore.  Even if you are a repeat offender, you have rights.  We know what it takes to protect them.


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No matter what charges you are facing, the best defense is a dedicated lawyer.  Whether it is drunk driving, simple drug possession, shoplifting or armed robbery, you deserve an experienced criminal defense attorney who will stand by you and make sure your rights are protected.  From our office in Catonsville, we help clients in a variety of criminal defense matters including:  


• DUI and DWI

• Traffic violations including driving without a license

• Assault

• Battery

• Theft

• Drug possession

• Shoplifting


Drinking and Driving in Maryland

If you take a field sobriety test and blow over the limit, your driver’s license will be suspended.  You may be able to obtain a temporary license for 45 days.  But you have only 10 days from the time of suspension to request a hearing in order to get a modified or restricted license.  This is critically important if you risk losing your job after having lost your license.  Our attorney will assist you in meeting all the deadlines.  


Even in the most serious cases, there are several things our law firm can do to help you.


• We analyze the evidence to see if there is enough to warrant prosecution.

• We review the police report to determine if there was probable cause for arrest.

• We arrange for an alcohol assessment and get you started in treatment if needed.  If you are an alcoholic, judges want to see you start treatment immediately, not the day before you appear in court.  

• We enroll you in a driver improvement program if warranted.  

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